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About Kepeng

About Kepeng Indonesia

Kepeng is a utility and investment token developed as a digital asset based on Blockchain Technology. The Kepeng (KPG) token is prepared for the tourism, arts and culture ecosystem. Kepeng is not only developed as an asset for investment but is also used as a medium of exchange for goods and services within the ecosystem and the Kepeng community itself.

Kepeng itself is another name or word for “pis bolong” which is a medium of exchange or Balinese currency in ancient times during the kingdom. Until now, Kepeng is still used as a ceremonial infrastructure in Bali and is a very important component. A ceremony cannot be carried out if Kepeng does not exist. Kepeng has never been separated from Balinese culture itself. Although at first this was the currency of China in ancient Bali.

With an irreplaceable spirit and an essential impression that lives the culture and arts in Bali. We raised KEPENG as the name of this token. Arts and culture have become the core of Bali’s tourism industry. The development of art and culture in Bali, which is based on the belief in a balanced and harmonious relationship between nature, humans and the forces of the universe, has brought Balinese culture to the world.

The uncertain state of the tourism industry can even be said to be suspended, giving a very significant economic impact. In this case, KEPENG has the confidence to be able to bring Bali to the world. Before Covid-19, the whole world visited Bali and wanted to experience the beauty and hospitality and magic of Bali. The Covid-19 situation has changed this situation. However, this does not mean that tourists do not want to go to Bali, the desire and desire to visit Bali is very large, this can be seen from several times the issue of opening borders for tourists, tourists around the world are always enthusiastic to enter Bali.

Kepeng believes, with the strength of the community together, it will bring goodness and also an economy based on arts and cultural tourism in Bali. Kepeng builds ecosystems and empowers communities to continue to grow and take Bali to the next digital stage. Tokenization-based digital stage with Blockchain technology.

Token Summary
Token Name : KEPENG
Token Ticker : KPG
Blockchain : VEXANIUM
Max Supply : KPG
Private Sale Start Date : 1 June 2021


Operational Allocation
Token Distribution