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Kepeng Indonesia Socialization with the “Rumah Tukik” Community

Kepeng Indonesia on Tuesday (13/7/2021) held socialization entitled “Introduction to Digital Art-based NFT” in the online community of Rumah Tukik. The implementation of online socialization given the implementation of the Emergency PPKM in the Java and Bali areas. The socialization was carried out through their respective homes aka Work From Home (WFH) using the Google Meet platform.

Participants in the socialization came from members of the Rumah Tukik Community who were involved in various fields of art such as painting, animators, and illustrators. The activity began with a presentation of material by Agung Ary who explained the potential and obstacles for the majority of artists who focused on the ambiguity of the royalty system and the lack of showcase for young artists in general in Bali apart from social media.

The discussion in the presentation delivered by Agung Ary also introduced blockchain technology which is likened to a ledger containing transaction records in a certain network that can minimize fraud or plagiarism which has often been a frightening specter for artists.

Regarding NFT, which is an acronym for Non-Fungible Token, it is a representation of an asset. So when it comes to art, there are now many NFT art marketplaces that invite various artists, both communally and individually, to register their works and become creators in their NFT art marketplace.

Likewise with Kepeng Indonesia in the exposition narration brought by Agung Ary. On this occasion he represented the Kepeng Indonesia team introducing the NFT art marketplace which was the first project from Kepeng Indonesia, namely Baliola.com. Baliola.com was formed because of a deep sense of empathy for the artists in Bali who were also slumped during this pandemic. The potential and opportunity to expand the introduction of Balinese art and culture that is unique, authentic, and has a high selling value must be supported by various sophistication in today’s world of technology.

Interestingly, during the discussion session, one of the participants, I Gede Made Surya Darma, asked about the sales (market) opportunities of various products that will be in Baliola. “Because the NFT market in art is currently mushrooming, and not necessarily anyone is interested,” he said, starting the discussion session on the presentation of the socialization material.

Regarding the sales potential, because Kepeng Indonesia is working on various projects with the Creative Economic Agency (Bekraf) of Denpasar City, various works of art and artists included in Baliola.com will be certified added with validation by the community concerned. So that artists who will become creators in Baliola can later leave their “nightmare” about plagiarism, not getting proper royalties, and guaranteeing the authenticity of the work. This is done because Baliola’s target market targets art collectors from within the country and abroad, including the sister city of Denpasar, said Shofyan, the main team from Kepeng Indonesia.

photo with Kepeng Indonesia socialization participants

The enthusiasm of the participants was still felt until the end of the socialization session, through I Gede Made Surya Darma, he hoped that in the future this project could run and really care about the current condition of artists in Bali from various genres. He also said that he was ready to invite creators in the Rumah Tukik Community to join Baliola. (Ary)

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