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Raka Jana: “Time for Balinese Artists to Enter the NFT Realm”

Young Balinese illustrator, Raka Jana (30), appealed to artists, especially young illustrators in Bali, to start entering and familiarizing themselves with the realm of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) by registering their works in a marketplace that provides these services. That way the artists got some advantages. First, their work is registered on the blockchain network and cannot be faked. Second, artists can sell the NFT of their artwork and receive royalties as long as the NFT of the work is traded. Meanwhile, the original work is still on hand and can still be sold. So, said Raka Jana, by entering the realm of NFT, artists get several advantages, especially the protection of works.

“About later if it is sold on the marketplace and sells a few million or tens of millions, I consider it a bonus. Most importantly, our work is registered and recorded on the blockchain network,” he said.

The man from Banjar Buruan Tampaksiring, Gianyar is an illustrator whose work has been heavily mined (a term for the tokenization process) and is sold on market places specifically for NFT such as https://opensea.io. In the marketplace, Raka Jana sells his illustrations which are characteristic of Balinese culture. 

Regarding the history of his work, Raka Jana said that it started from his fondness for viewing illustrations when he was still in elementary school. He only started to take it seriously after he graduated from high school around the end of 2009. It started with opening a small design business. At first, he tried to imitate the cartoon pictures that he often saw as a child on television screens.

“I learned self-taught by imitating whatever I enjoy,” said Raka Jana when interviewed by telephone.

Over time, Raka’s business has grown. Increasingly convinced of the illustration business as his way of life, he founded HNS Creative Studio to handle various projects, including costume design, t-shirt production, merchandise, clothing design and so on, all of which were orders from overseas clients. Later, Raka founded the HNS Academy which he projected into an educational platform or design school.

To get an order, since 2009, the man who was born on March 6, 1991, has been diligently offering his services on social media, both Facebook and Instagram. He also promotes through offline friendship networks.

“Besides that, I intensively offer proposals to companies,” he added.

As the situation develops, the works that he originally sold through social media are now also selling on NFT Market Place platforms such as hicetnunc.io, opensea.io, and Baliola.com.

No less than 25 of his works have been sold on these platforms. The most expensive sold on opensea.io for 1 ethereum.

Raka Jana’s Artwork on Raising my Flag held by HDCI


Not long ago, an illustration by Raka Jana was included in an auction at the “Raising my Flag” event. This event was organized by Harley Davidson Club Indonesia (HDCI) at the Merusaka Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali on November 25 to 27, 2021.

His work, entitled “Balinese Biker” is one of the things that has become a hot topic for collectors. The work was sold for 5.3 million rupiah or equivalent to 365 kepeng. Kepeng is a crypto asset that is used as a bartering tool for NFT assets from works of art registered on Baliola.com. 

Baliola is an NFT marketplace dedicated to traditional and modern arts workers in Bali. Baliola is here to promote and facilitate Balinese artists’ works to be marketed internationally with legal and economic protection.

To this marketplace, Raka Jana is very interested and eager to support it. Especially because the marketplace was built by Balinese (Indonesians) and very concerned about copyright ownership of each work by doing strict verification. 

“I am interested and applaud because there are also those who dare to create an NFT marketplace for artists and pay close attention to the ownership and legality of the work,” he said.

Raka hopes that Baliola.com will become a bridge between creators or artists and collectors so that artists can continue to work according to their ideals, and collectors can buy and sell works with an easy, transparent and legal mechanism.

To the young illustrators, Raka Jana advised that they should often explore both for the development of their works and for marketing.

“Regarding NFT, for today, we have to be familiar with it. With NFT, we can be freer to work as we wish. Then we sell the NFT. About high behaviour or vice versa, it depends on our perseverance. If we are consistent, surely our work will find its shape and will naturally find its market,” he concluded.**